Clay tiles occures from the natural raw materials and they gets 950-1050 degrees.

Why Clay Tiles?

Clay tiles occures from the natural raw materials and they gets 950-1050 degrees. The differences from other roofing materials are:

Natural Product

Clay; which is naturel soil at the nature and has 3o2, si2o, etc. inside, so it is natural .


Tiles helps you for long years without deformation, like as in the examples.

Fire Resistant

According to fire regulations, clay tiles don’t need to test for fire, because clay tiles does not burn and its A1(fireproof) class.

Resistant to Sunlight

Sun rays are very harmfull rays as known. Other roofing materials damage and deforme over time when faced with these rays but clay tiles do not damage or deforme.


Good baked clay materials are absolutely waterproof.


Clay tiles are set in optimum weight and roof mounted, so they can’t move.

Resistant to Freezing

Because of less water absorption, they don’t save water inside of their body and they send it. So they do not affected from freezing.

Insulation Against Noise

The best best roofing materials about insulation against noise are clay tiles. Clay tiles absorb sounds.

High Strength

Clay tiles should be 120 kgf at least but YUKSEL  clay tiles are around 200-300 kgf.


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Yuksel Toprak Sanayi ve Tic A.Ş. ,founded in Manisa/Turgutlu district in 1976, has become one of the leading companies in the brick and tile industry in Turkey.

Our factory continues to manufacture in 70,000 m2 area. We can manufacture all year with  one tunnel kiln and one Hoffman kiln, hereby customers are able to meet the needs at every moment.

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