Load-Bearing(long) Brick
Oval Yığma(Uzun) Düşey delikli sınıfındadır; bu yüzden taşıyıcılık özelliği yoktur
Product Code Yİ-21

Load-Bearing(long) Brick
Oval condensation (long) is classified as Vertical Holed Bricks and so that has carrier feature.. Can also be used in exterior and interior walls. Dimensions and weight may vary within tolerances. Thermal conductivity value is taken from TS 825 Appendix-E table. The Clay Products are classified as Class A1 without testing,according to the.Regulations of the Fire.
Weight 6,5 kg
weight, may vary within tolerance.
m² Unit 17
Fire Response A1
The Clay Products are classified as Class A1 without testing,according to the Regulations of the Fire.
Resistance to freezing F0
May vary depending on the D1 tolerance related to standard of TS EN 771-1.
Volume Weight 700 kg/m3
Thermal Conductivity Account Value 0,320 W/mK
Loss of Sound Crossing (Rw) 40 dB
Pressure Resistance 4 N/mm2
Size 290x190x190
Flat punched units
Wall Thickness 190 mm
Moisture Movement NPD
Bond Strength Sabit Değer 0,15 N/mm2
Water Absorption Açık hava koşullarına maruz bırakılmayan tip
Type that is not exposed to open air conditions.
Water Vapor 9,6 m


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Yuksel Toprak Sanayi ve Tic A.Ş. ,founded in Manisa/Turgutlu district in 1976, has become one of the leading companies in the brick and tile industry in Turkey.

Our factory continues to manufacture in 70,000 m2 area. We can manufacture all year with  one tunnel kiln and one Hoffman kiln, hereby customers are able to meet the needs at every moment.

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